For the Love of Guacamole and all things Avocado!


An idea born by and for those that love guacamole and everything avocado…

Avocado Shirt Co. founders Jason Hager and Rob RussoSure, we can pick up an avocado at the store or whip up some fresh guacamole with the best of them. We can discuss our avo obsession with other guac groupies at a moment’s notice.

But we have no tangible way to express our undying love for everything avocado. Until now.

Introducing Avocado Shirt Co., a small team of avocado evangelists dedicated to bringing quality tees and other goods to guac lovers everywhere.

Thanks to a successfully-funded Kickstarter project we ran in April 2014, we are up and running.

Our goal is to provide premium #GuacGear to all that love guacamole and everything avocado.